The advanced tools of cutting-edge AI technology make it easy to change faces and create fun collages, and even nude celebs or characters. Join us as we dive into the world of undressing and discover the best free AI nudity service taking over the digital world in 2023. 

Who creates deep fakes?

AI networks are far from a new phenomenon, but in 2022 this area has attracted special attention from both the media and investors. Last year, at least $1.37 billion was invested in applications that generate content using AI, which is more than in all the previous five years combined.

To create deep fakes with the help of AI, generative adversarial neural networks (GANs) are used. These are machine learning-based algorithms that generate new content based on a given set. For example, networks study a thousand photographs of Angelina Jolie and create a new one with the features and facial expressions of the actress. Or they put her face on a video of another woman.

Can AI service undress a man?

The founder of Nudify explains the lack of the “undress a man” function by the fact that there is no demand for it: photos of men are uploaded only as a joke. The website of the service itself is decorated with extremely sexualized images of naked women, and if in the lower block, the bodies are hypertrophied, as if from a casino advertisement, then the main image depicts the girl very realistically, in particular after undressing. 

AI takes into account personal anatomy in a frighteningly realistic way. Therefore, you can see everything possible by generating kendall jenner nudes in Nudify AI service absolutely for free. Get ready to let your imagination run wild and go on a face-swapping adventure like no other!